Leon’s Lobster Hut

Experience the real Jamaica. Enjoy fresh lobsters from Falmouth, Jamaica. Leon’s Lobster Hut is steps away from Royalton White Sands. Our humble hut is found within the Roots & Culture Craft Centre area. Book your appointment by phone (1-876-807-1522) or by simply looking for Leon walking up and down the Royalton beach.

“You don’t know Leon but he will make you feel like a family friend that’s know you forever.” (Antony from Birmingham, UK TripAdvisor Review: Sep 2015)


“Leon is an amazing chef and know how to please his guests. We had a complete meal including lobster, crab, chicken, dumplings, roasted veggies and more… The price is extremely reasonable and the sun coming down when you’re eating on the beach is unreal.” (John’s TripAdvisor Review: Aug 2015)


“Good vibes! A 2min walk along the beach from the Royalton White Sands. Nothing to fear at all the locals are the best and give you the real Jamaican experience.”  (Justin from Toronto, Canada Facebook Review: July 2015)